By: Gene Hayes
I started Southeast Shooters Supply Company  after years of being a     
shooter and a reloader myself. I found, in 2008, that there was no one
in Central Florida that stocked reloading supplies or reloaded ammunition.

The idea of turning a hobby into a business started to blossom as I talked
to other people in the shooting sport. The company is now offering
reloads, lead cast bullets( .45, .40, .38/.357, 9mm, .380 acp, .32 acp )
and other supplies for the shooter that wants to reload his own ammo
Colleen and I opened our full service gun store in August 2011 and
through our network of distributors we will find you that special handgun,
rifle or shotgun that you deserve.

We have joined forces with some of the industries leading distributors   
and we are fulfilling the needs of shooters, hunters, campers and other
outdoor sportsmen and sportswomen.

We are  exploring the possibility of opening an indoor shooting range in
Lake Wales that will enhance our firearms training programs. It will also
host clubs as well as accommodate the general public.

I am a Certified NRA Instructor and former Florida Highway Patrol
Assistant Firearms Instructor. I teach both basic and advanced classes in
gun safety and self protection techniques.
Southeast Shooters Supply